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Monday, August 15, 2011

One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch

In an attempt to eat more "healthy" and to get my kids to each more fruit, I paid $3.99 for a package of 5 ready to eat apple slices w/grapes. This is what I found in my pouch...

I have to say it's been a challenge with staying on the healthy track...but I am determined to not give up. I am going to lose weight and be healthy. We have also taken the kids to see a nutritionist as well to talk to them about what foods to each and what to stay away from. I have to say it was eye opening learning about alternative choices and picking the right food.

My lil Love is overweight too. It's not her fault, it's our fault as her parents. We discovered that her whole life has some how always focused around food. My hubby is Italian and does all the cooking; pasta, home made meatballs, coq au vin...she loves it all. We also learned that we would put focus on food when it came to her...for example: We would go to the grocery store and pick up her favorite something and bring it home and say "we got you a surprise" and she would see what it was and then say "oh that's my favorite" or "I love that...thank you". And we were not meaning to hurt her or make her have this unhealthy attachment to food we just had no idea.

I am writing this because I know other parents are dealing with the same thing. We are making better decisions when we are at the store and not bringing the stuff into the home. It's challenging because she walks around the store picking up everything asking if it's "healthy or whole grain"; she is learning but she is 6 and still trying to grasp why she can't have fruit snacks, ice cream, sugar filled yogurt etc...but we are doing it as family which I think has made it a lil easier. Zman lost 7 lbs just by not eating chips and junk...not that he needed to lose weight but he really listened to what the nutritionist said and followed it. Love and I will go this road together...because I'm her influence and I know she is paying attention to me and I want her to be healthy and I want to be healthy too!


THE Stephanie said...

Good job, Rachael! I know it's hard. My kids are pretty bad at making good choices, but as parents, we have to accept the responsibility for even buying it, right?!?

UGH! It's tough, but you're on the right road!

colbymarshall said...

I'm trying to cut some of the sweets out of my life, so it's great that you're starting your family off right. :-)