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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Last night I came home from work to find my husband deep cleaning our house. Cleaning the couches, deep cleaning the carpets, cleaning the showers. We are getting ready for a lot of company this week. His 40th Birthday Party is Saturday and I can't wait...and feeling a little overwhelmed because I am doing all the cooking. And if you have been around my blog for a while you must know by now that I don't cook.

I was so thankful and feeling so blessed that I have such a selfless husband. I mean it's his Birthday party and he is helping me do all the cleaning.

After he cleaned out the refrigerator he noticed there was some sort of orange stuff spilled all over the bottom of the refrigerator. He said he didn't get to it but would do it today.
I decided to venture into the fridge to find out what is was...after 30 minutes of trying to clean it up I discovered it was spilled orange juice all over the refrigerator. It ran down from the very top shelf all the way down to the bottom and it formed what looked like orange wax.

Me-Zman can you get me the antibacterial windex
(Pausing his game)
Zman-Sure where is it
Me-On the counter.
Zman-Here you go
Me-Can you help me; get me a bag.
Zman-What are you doing? What is that?
Me-It looks like someone spilled OJ all over the fridge and never told anyone...Did you do it?
Zman-hmmmm I don't remember
Me-Oh well...can you get me more paper towels
Zman-Here you go
(Then back to his game)
Me-Where did my helper go?
Zman-Oh sorry mom what do you need me to do?
Me-I'm sorry Zman I have you running ragged always helping me.
Zman-Mom it's no problem...really. I mean you just bought me the greatest game in the world. Even though I had to spend some of my savings to get it but I know I will earn more money over the next few weeks doing all these chores.
Me-Awww...give me a big HUG....I am sooo glad God gave you to me.
Zman-You always say that mom.
(So I am almost done cleaning the refrigerator)
Me-Zman can you do me one more favor?
Zman-Sure what is it?
Me-Can you switch out the clothes in the washer and dryer and bring this upstairs?
Zman-That's it? No problem mom.

He is the best kid in the entire world and I am not being biased...he is a straight A student in school, he is sooo loving, so inquisitive and always helping around house. Don't get me wrong he is 9 and sometimes gripes about it but always apologizes after the fact. I love this boy!!!

And then Love...

Love-Cav a snack?
Me-Yes... you want Rainbow Goldfish Crackers?
Love-Can I eat em in the oder room and watch my show?
(She wants to eat them in the spare bedroom that we have gotten set up for some of our guests).
Me-Yes but don't you dare get crumbs all over the place or you'll get a big spankin...
(I was not going to spank her but you have to talk tough to this tough little girl and be overly dramatic...I mean she seriously has the mind of a 15 year old)
Love-I pomise mom...pomise

So I go upstairs to check on her and what do I find...crumbs?

Me-Love what did I tell you about those crumbs!!!...clean those up right this minute or you are getting a spankin
Love-No spankin mom...i cwean em up K
Me-Right now let's go
Love-No spankin mom
(I don't say anything)
Love-Mom I don't wanna spankin
Me-I'm not going to spank you just please clean it up.
Love-Oh tank you mom tank you sooo much (giving me a hug)
Love-You want some of dem special kisses
Me-of course I love those special kisses.

She proceeds to gently kiss me on the cheek in the same spot about 3 times...melts my heart every time.

And then this morning as I leave for work everyone is sleeping and I am about to walk down stairs and Love comes out of her room no shirt on only her pull up.

Love-Good mornin Sunshine!!!!!
Me-Oh baby...good morning...(giving her the biggest hug) Have a great day today...
Love-Ok....Zman Zman Zman time to get up and wets go way in moms bed...come on

And then I leave for work!


Angie said...

I just want to hug your little sweeties!!!

Tabi said...

Such a lucky mom to have such great kiddos!! Amazing how those little ones can melt your heart so quick!!

Solei said...

Awwww, your little kiddos are wonderful! And how could they not be? They have such a wonderful mom (and dad, I'm sure!)!

THE Stephanie said...

I l-o-v-e it!!! It's the cutest thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Heartwarming for sure!! ~Jill :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

your hubby is such a sweetie. i have to pass this onto my sis... : )

Megan said...

I want to have kids JUST like yours! They are awesome. (And so is your hubby)..how did you get so lucky?!?


I sound like I am not lucky, I am fortunate to have help around the house too!!

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, Your Z-Man sounds like a great kid and your little Love is adorable!

Yippy! For a husband that works around the house..

You my friends are truly blessed!

The Pink Potpourri said...

that was SO precious!! i loved it. makes me look forward to having kids someday! hope they're as sweet as yours!

Diva Ma said...

These are the time you sit back and enjoy. They have so much love to give.

LazyCrazyMama said...

Your hubby cleans? Can I borrow him? Seriously, did you write anything after that? ;)
Zman is totally an awesome kid!!

...love Maegan said...

Is HE FOR REAL???!?!?!? you are a lucky mama!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your husband was cleaning... deep cleaning your house... can i say this... i think i love him!
hello... what a man! woo hoo!

i love what it said in your profile...
"I have a lot to say and my husband is tired of listening so I figured I try this blogging thing"... too cute... we ladies can chat! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww your kids are the cutest! My brother and I hated helping my mom growing up...you're a lucky gal! Oh and the good morning sunshine, too cute!!!!! :)