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Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was a R & R weekend. My neighbor and friend who I have mentioned before works for a National Hotel Chain and needed me to be a "Secret Shopper" again. This time I didn't have to shop all my encounters at the hotel rather only room service and the restaurant for breakfast. She did get us set up in a huge room. It was like two rooms together that they made into one room. It had a wet bar, separate couch and living area as well as a King size bed for hubby and I.

Hubby and Zman did Pitch and Put golf while Love and I relaxed at the poor. Then it started to drizzle so we headed back to the room for a nap. Hubby and Zman went to play video games and Love had ants in her pants so when they came back we all ventured outside. Hubby, Zman and Hannah attempted to ride this 3 person bike which reminded me of a man selling ice cream while riding in this contraption. Hubby actually lost control and crashed into some rocks...nobody was hurt but it was quite funny. Love just wanted the heck out of it.

We then relaxed in a hot tub which had a warm waterfall running into it...so relaxing. However we couldn't relax because all Love could concentrate on was this little basketball she saw in the pool below. She had asked the pool attendant for one and they were out so when she saw this basketball she had to hab it (as Love would say)...what is it with kids and balls? She even dared to go up to the lady "mom i go talk to dat lady" I reply "for what?"..."come wit me" "No you go, I will watch you". Well she wanted to ask the lady if she could bring the basketball home with her...too cute but she said no...could you believe she turned down my cute, courteous little girl...I mean she said Please!!!

So then we decided to go upstairs and order room service...$165 dollars later and all FREE we had full tummies and just relaxed!

The next morning we got up and had a nice breakfast...again all FREE and then came home to watch our Chargers get their butts kicked by the Dolphins...couldn't believe it...well that is what happens when your team doesn't show up to play...what were they doing???

Zman had some friends over to play some video games and Love had to join in on the fun...but she settled and played dress up in her Cinderella dress and crown "I such a pwetty pincess mom". (It sill boggles my mind that my 3 year old comes me Mom...not mommy but mom...or sometimes Mamasita!)

After that my fabulous hubby made us Chicken Parmesean for dinner and it was soooo good! I have left overs for my lunch today! I then ventured upstairs to watch reruns of Sex and The City on Tivo while Hubby and Zman rocked out on Rock Band to unlock more songs...he has his 40th Birthday party this weekend so he is on a roll to have lot's of choices for us to rock out to.

Meanwhile I have to get Love in her bed...it's a fight; "i sweep in the extwa room" "No baby in your bed" "please mom just a cuckle minutes". "No Love in your room" "Awww please just a wittle wile?" "No love...now let's brush your teeth" "and go potty right mom". Then after that she has to ask me another 4 times to sleep in the other room or her brothers room. I proceed to put her in her bed and I am going to read "Where the Wild Things Are".

Love-I dont wike that book

Me- Yes you do; besides I am reading it.

Love-I wanna read this book (pointing to a Clifford book which you really can't read).

Me-Love let's just read this book ok? or no book


So I read the book, and turn on her night light and then tuck her in.

Love-Mom turn off the wights

Love-Will you way by me for a cuckle minutes
(I have to hold myself back from laughing each time she says cuckle)


Love-tickle my back
(rubbing her back)

Love-tickle my nose
(rubbing her nose)

Love-tickle my arrrms
(rubbing her arms)

Love-tickle my legs
(rubbing her legs)

Me-Ok baby it's time for bed

Love-Rub my nose

Me-I just did Love

Love-no you did not

Me-Love time for bed, I love you...good night...don't let the bed bugs bite!

Love-Good night sunshine! Mom keep my light on...

Me-No light...close your eyes and go to sleep. You have your night light on.

Love-I give daddy a hug...

Me-Love you gave him one already good night!!!

Love-Good night


THE Stephanie said...

Too cute!! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend. She's a riot!

Mrs. Buck said...

I wish I had a friend who needs secret shoppers! That sounds awesome!!

merc3069 said...

TOO cute!
Man, if your friend needs some help in VA, let me know!
ps: still would love to mail you that book, email me!
pps: no, she did not throw it in the trash, but she may as well have....

Savvy Mode SG said...

sounded like you had a wonderful weekend. i was sick in bed. : (

Melissa said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend getaway! I wish your friend could hook me up! I've actually thought about doing that secret shopper thing!!

Angie said...

I gotta tell ya, I lub reading the conversations between you and Lub, I mean Love. They are too cute, keep'em coming!
I laughed out loud when I read that your hubby crashed! My hubby crashed out of the front door yesterday! Yep, we were picking at eachother and he slapped me on the rear then went flying out the front door and into a flower pot and the bench! Of course I made sure he wasn't hurt first and seeing that he was okay, I then died laughing!!!! Later in the day, I missed seeing him get shocked while messing with the spark plugs in my car. I would have loved to have seen that!

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, what a fun free weekend. I wish that I had a friend who needed a secret shopper.. I would be on that mission pronto..

lol- your Love sounds like such a treat.. I love how she was trying her hardest to delay bedtime.. for just a cuckle more minutes.. to cute.

Maki said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!

And you seemed had a nice relaxing weekend with your fam - that's super!!!

Hipmomofboyz said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend, I want to have that job.
I wanted to see if you are online. I have another queen of everything necklace and want you to be the first to see it. Let me know if you are on the computer and I will list it.

Diva Ma said...

Must be nice to have a friend that needs you to be a secret shopper at a hotel!

And Love is funny. Anything to get a few more minutes of awake time!

The Wife O Riley said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend. It also sounds similar to the conversations I have each and every night. What is it with kids not wanting to sleep in their own beds?

LazyCrazyMama said...

and he cooks too??

sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! how cool!