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Friday, September 5, 2008

WTF-Follow Up

This is the letter I received (well my neighbor got it in her mailbox) from the inconsiderate neighbor who insists on parking in front of my mail box every single day, despite the fact they have a garage, parking in front of their home and a driveway!!!!
Dear Neighbor,
I am writing this because I think your responsible for vandalizing by car with wet paper and running ink. It posed quite a challenge to remove it and restore my windshield the other morning.
The running ink made me unable to read the writing. If you wish to communicate with me, I invite you to come by and have an adult conversation with me as this would be more courteous than defacing my windshield.
Your neighbor
First of all she typed the letter; I guess she was afraid the ink would get wet inside my mailbox and "deface" it; so ok she is more courteous than me.
Secondly, if she couldnt read the damn letter; why has she not parked in front of my mailbox since receiving it and now parks in her own drive way? Either way I'm happy.
I am sure the right thing to do would have been to go talk to them but let's face it, I don't like confrontation; ok ok I had a couple drinks before leaving the note and didn't want to lose my composure or slur my words (I kid I kid). I just figured when you hit someones car in a parking lot you leave a note on the car right?
But seriously "deface it". And the strange thing is, I left the note under the passenger side windshield wiper; ink side up. The next day, the car was moved in front of their house, with the letter now under the drive side windshield wiper...did they read it and put it back for more "defacing"? Or did they piss off someone else and they left a note also. I wish I would have been outside when she was dealing with the challenge of "removing the ink".


Meg said...

Thats hilarious! Go you!

Tabi said...

Oh you seriously have me cracking up! Love it!

Solei said...

i can't believe you REALLY gave your neighbor the letter!!! hehe, 2 funny!

Diva Ma said...

well, why, please tell, would a neighbor be so inconsiderate, know that you hacve to get your mail. Park in your own darn yard! She's lucky she's not my neighbor cause I would send my kids out with a roll of toilet paper and let them have at her car! That'll teach her the true meaning of DEFACE!

Melissa said...

You go girl!! That lady sounds like a real b***h!!!