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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not Priceless

Today I get to work and about 8:30 this is the text I get from my hubby-

Hubby-Zman is not feeling well taking him to dr.

Me-You mean Love? (because she was up coughing in the middle of the night and he gave her a hot steamy shower to help her stop coughing so she could sleep)

Hubby-No Zman he has been coughing all morning

Me-Aww poor thing how is Love doing

Hubby-seems fine

Me-ok keep me posted love you sexy

Later I get a call from my hubby at the doctors office who begins to tell me due to the bad storms there has been a lot of pollen in the air and he has allergies really bad. He needs some stuff to squirt up his nose and adult strengh Claritin. I have known both kids have allergies and I am supposed to give them their Claritin every night; but I make mistakes and forget and Love refuses to take any medicine and gags herself (yeah it's really really fun). (So I am glad it's just allergies and blame myself)

Me-Ok well let's make sure Love takes her meds too


At about 4:30 my husband calls...

Hubby-Hey remember this morning I told you that Zman didn't feel good and was coughing so I took him to the doctor.


Hubby-Well after since it was allergies I told him I could take him to school; he proceeds to tell me he has PE and doesn't feel well and wants to stay home. I told him he could come to work with me and he said ok.

Me-ok and...

Hubby-On the way home he tells me he sent me an email about something he is upset about and I told him I didn't check it yet and told him to just tell me...he says he just wanted to come to my office today

Me-What does that mean; he was faking being sick? But the doctor said his allergies were bad...well we knew he had allergies. Oh I get it; he wanted to play on the computer all day.

Hubby-I guess. I don't know what to do; I am kinda mad right now.

Me-Understood, we have told him numerous times about telling the truth.

Hubby-I know we will talk about it later; I wanted to give you a heads up.

So I get home and call his name from downstairs. My hubby tells me he is in bed as he is upset with himself.

He comes down and says:

Zman- Are you going to spank me with a belt?

Me-What? Have I ever spanked you with a belt?

Zman-No...what about a spanking?

Me-Why would you think I would spank you with a belt when we have never done that?

Zman-I don't know...I'm just mad at myself. (ok so he gets it)

SOOOOO I have the talk with my son about telling the truth and keep reiterating how important it is. I proceed to tell him everyone does it...I have faked sick too to get out of work but next time just tell the truth. It cost your dad time off work, your doctor had to fit you in so perhaps the next patient had to wait longer and it costs us money for the visit in addition to medicine (not that he didn't need it).

Me-It's cool to want to stay home EVERY NOW AND THEN, but be honest ok...just say Mom, Dad; I don't feel like going to school today; can I stay home...

Zman-Ok...(crying) I'm sooo sorry mom...

Me-It's ok

Zman-What your not going to yell at me? I thought you both would be really mad?

Me-What do you think your punishment should be? Let's go upstairs and ask your dad.

Co Pay $25

Medicine $46.99

The hit to my checking account/budget= Not priceless (Because I can't budget and always have to transfer money)

His punishment-5 page essay on why school is important!


Melissa said...

That's a good one!! My daughter tries to pull the same stuff on me all the time! Just because she wants to stay home with Mommy!!

Diva Ma said...

WOW. How old is he? Maybe I need to try that with my 8 & 6 year old!