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Friday, September 5, 2008

Night Time Ritual

Love-Mom will you take me to bed?

Me-Yes baby, go brush your teeth, go potty and put your pull up on.


Me-And brush your teeth good. Front teeth, side teeth...

Love-And back teeth right mommy.

Me-Very good.

(walking into her room)

Love-Can I way in Zman bed for a cuckle minites

Me-You can go in there when he goes to sleep.

Love-Mom will you read me a book.

Me-Ofcourse...How about Ten Timid Ghosts...

Love-No I want you to read Dora.

(after reading the book)

Me-Good night baby

Love-Will you lay by me for a wil bit.

Me-Just a couple of minutes

Love-Put your head down on the pillow like this...(showing me how to lay my head down)

Love-Tickle my back
(ticklling her back)

Love-Tickle my legs

Love-My other leg too
(ticklling her legs)

Love-Tickle my nose...like this (I do this every single night, she tells me as if it's my first time)

Me-Ok baby, I love you sleep tight

Love-Dont let the bed bugs bite
(leaving the room and I keep the door cracked)

Love- I can't see...

Me-Close your eyes and go to sleep...I love youuuuuuuuuu good night.........


Solei said...

ahhh, how sweet.
but girl, u have some patience! (lucky kiddos of yours)

btw, i had me a smirnoff.
I just *LUV* those.
Hubby calls those girly drinks, yet they have about twice as much alcohol as a regular 'guys' beer. go figure.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Will you come over and put my kids to bed now??

Megan said...

Sooo cute! ::sigh:: I can't wait to have kids.--reality check, I can wait..at least 5 years! haha :) Your kiddos *and your hubby* are so cute! And I loveeee your hair, you're a glamorous mama!

Tiffany said...

I love this and how you write the words your daughter says. She sounds adorable. "cuckle minites" awww...