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Monday, September 8, 2008

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Turning 30 last year was hard. Not in the sense that I was 30 and OMG but in the fact that I was turning 30 and had no friggin idea what I wanted to do, or be. I am a mother and a wife but for personal empowerment; I definately don't see myself being a Closing Manager.

You see I "fell" into Real Estate at the age of 16 (my mom was a Real Estate agent and now works in commercial construction, my dad a welder).

I went to high school for a few hours and left after 3 classes to go to work; I still earned credits and was working as a receptionist at a Real Estate office. I worked their part time Wednesday through Sunday; it was boring for the most part but it enabled me to teach myself computers, programs etc...I worked my way up to Office Manager and then left to work at a Mortgage Company that pursued me.

After being there for 1.5 years I became pregnant at the age of 20 to my now husband who was 9 years older and was a stock broker. He was an established stock broker and loved what he did...and still does...meanwhile after the birth of my first child and only being 21, I went back to school for a few classes; but let's face it...still had no friggin clue what I wanted to do.

I decided to go back to work after staying home for 2 years and went to work for a home builder doing Land Acquisition; I had no idea what to do but had the Real Estate background, knew contracts and therefore thrived...few years later a Head Hunter contacted me and I went to work for a Home Builder handling closings...I was there 5 years and then the market turned...I got laid off...or volunteered to be laid off, took my severance and was off to the next builder/developer...I hated this job. Every day going to work I would say to myself "what are you doing...you can't keep doing this..." but I made a good salary for someone 29 and no college degree.

After being laid off from this position the President who was at the Home Building company I was at was now President at a new company and wanted me to join as the Closing Manager, I took the position as it was more money than I was making and needed to pay the bills. However we are suffering...in Florida with the number of foreclosures and pricing being at an all time low; let's face it...people aren't falling at our feet for homes...so it leaves me to square one...what the
F@%* do I want to do?

I love fashion, always have always will. Let's face it...that industry is fierce. Not to say I can't "hang" but where do I start...how do I get started? Do I want to be a personal shopper, do I want to me a buyer for a major department store? I love dressing up, I love clothes, shoes, accessories...so I am sitting here wishing...where to go next?

I instill in my son to get good grades. I explain that he can do whatever he wants to do and with an education he will have the world at his feet. I explain that this is not what I set out in life to do but kinda got stuck and want him to pursue his dreams. But this still leaves me with "practice what you preach"...HELP ME LORD! Is it too late to say "What do I want to be when I grow up"?


Meg said...

I have the same problem. I'm only 22 but I know I'll still be asking myself this question years down the road.

Solei said...

uh oh... well don't feel lonley, 'cause i'm right there with ya!

The Pink Potpourri said...

hi! i stumbled on your blog :) its never too late to decide to be something! i went to college, got a degree in pr and work as a secretary in a pr office...not what i completely planned to do. but for now, its perfect for me, and what i'm supposed to be doing. in the future, i want to be a stay at home mom, and dedicate myself to that responsibility, and after that, only God knows! He has it all planned out, I'm sure :)

so anyways, you never know what doors will open for you. pursue what you're talented at, and what you would wake up and enjoy doing each day!

great blog!

Megan said...

Oh I love your blog! I am totally adding you to my blogroll!! As far as the "secret" .. I think it is safe to leave it on your blog ;) Dave & I got married. :X We are planning an actual ceremony for sometime next year..probably August 1, since it would be the same day. :0)

I am with you on not being able to decide what "to do when I grow up" my degree is in business management, and I want to get my MBA--hopefully i'll start that next fall. My current job is a research assistant for a company based out of DC, and I absolutely LOVE that..but they may not have funding for next year so I may have to find a "real job" meaning I can't work from home..which sucks! So, we will see..OCT 1 will determine my fate!

Rick said...

Some of the greatest works God did was through people that were advanced in age. It's never too late.


Weeksie50 said...

I wish I had all the answers for you. The only advice I have for you is to find something that you LOVE and do that.. Don't go into something because it makes a lot of money..because if you are not truly happy then you will not be satisfied.. Your blog is fun.


MrsWhimsy said...

My husband is in real estate, so I TOTALLY get what you mean about the slump. Someone very wise once said you have to figure out what you love and then figure out how to get paid for it. I think you should def. pursue the fashion thing. Start small with a night class at an art institute or something. Go for it!