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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Miss Know It All

We have met one of them once in our life time if not several times throughout our life time. You know who I am talking bout...the person who thinks they know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

I have been so very fortunate to have worked at 2 companies in the past 7 years and each time we had LMKIA (Little Miss Know It All )

So it began last week when I was informing LMKIA that my husband was sick and like all men put off going to the doctor. In talking to her I stressed that I hope it wasn't Pneumonia or Bronchitis. She asked symptoms which I told her and ruled out both Pneumonia and Bronchitis because he didn't have a fever. (LMKIA is also a doctor...I didn't tell you that)

Sooooo after having my relaxing weekend with my kiddos; my poor hubby was home coughing his head off...I told him to go to the doctor on Friday but I guess he figured he could kick it. I was beginning to think he just wanted a weekend to himself (JK). So we come home on Sunday and he is trying to put his game face on because it's Football Day-(don't get me started on the Chargers) and missed me (because I am an awesome wife) so my mom came over to babysit and we went to our hang out spot to drink some beer, have some wings and watch the game.

Meanwhile he was still coughing really bad and just didn't feel like himself.

Fast forward Monday, Love was still coughing so I decided to stay at home and work so she didn't have to go to daycare. (We all had that bug) Mid morning she was laying on the couch and had her sick face on...she felt hot so I took her to the doctor and had a double ear infection and mild pneumonia. Come to find out Hubby has Pneumonia too. Love has a fever because of the ear infection. You don't necessarily have to have a fever with Pneumonia.

So there you have it LMKIA; you were WRONG!


Megan said...


AND it is almost funny that he has Pneumonia...tell THAT to LMKIA.... (except it isn't funny that he's sick!) Poor Love..Ear infections are NO fun. Medicine makes me sleepy and loopy so whenever I am sick I am part crazy. :0) Sort of fun for those who try to talk to me. Hope they feel better soon && that you stay healthy!

Melissa said...

I just hate no it alls! I know quite a few of them myself! I hope everyone feels better very soon!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

hehe, did you tell her that? I sure would have! lol Sorry everyone is sick tho!

Angie said...

Ummm, so what other symptoms are they experiencing? Cuz I've been trying to kick a funk for like going on 3 weeks now. My chest is super congested and I cough like a 70 year old smoker. No fever but sometimes a snotty nose. Do you think I have a mild case of p...wait, I have to scroll up to your post to spell this one right...Pneumonia?
I HATE going to the doctor, dang-it!

Solei said...

That is so frieking funny!
Not that you all are sick or nothing, but how happy you are that mkia was wrong. Ha! I just *luv* it when you can actually prove them 'know it alls' WRONG!

you better let her know she DON'T know it all after all! lol