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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Secret Shopper...Best of All It's Free

So this weekend my neighbor (and girlfriend) is a manager at a 4 star national hotel chain in Central Florida and wanted me to shop her hotel...what does that mean...A suite, all food, drinks (including alcohol)and ammenties at a FAB hotel in town.

Hubby was sick so I ventured 20minutes across town for a little R & R. They had a corporate shopper in town a few weeks ago and failed in some areas so she wanted me to check up on some areas...so 1 night and a $589 tab later (all free)the kiddies and I had a great time.

We ventured out to Downtown Disney that night and I bought Zman a Lego set and Love a pretend Princess make up...she wanted the music box (because she said it would make daddy feel betta) and order $100 room service at 9:30 at night...best part of the night...hearing my daughter say "mommy it's dark out and i'm still awake...yeah I don't have to go to sleep. But at 11pm when it was time to go to sleep she couldn't rest because she cound't rest because of that damn music box...

Mommy, I need that muzica box...it will make daddy feel betta...

Oh baby; he will feel betta; you have your make up; he will love that.

I have to hab it...we can go tomurrow? (pretending as if she is crying)

We will get another music box...

O K...

It was soo fun having my kids all by myself; no cares in the world...enjoying life as if we were Donald Trump.

Downside is that they suspected the front desk clerk of stealing tips from housekeeping. Whenever a guest would leave an envelope with this clerk the money never found it's way to the housekeeping department...so I handed her an envelope with $5 enclosed and asked her to give to housekeeping...needless to say they found the envelope torn up in the garbage and housekeeping didn't receive.

She was suspended that day...I believe in Karma...her taking that $5 caused her to lose her job...now she won't get paid.

I know times are hard but what if someone in the housekeeping department had a family and relied on those tips?...that part is not fun.

So now I am off to type a detailed report worth the $589 I spent at the hotel...it was a blast to just get away and be pampered!


Melissa said...

Wow! Sounds like a great time! I wish that would happen to me! I'm glad the front desk person got caught! That's really terrible of her to steal housekeeping's tips!

Tabi said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun!! And I agree that front desk clerk definatley deserves to be fired! Times are hard but it doesn't make it right to steal from other people!

Perksofbeingme said...

That sounds like a great time. I want to be a secret shopper.

...love Maegan said...

sounds like FUN! My husband and I save up for our one trip to Vegas each year...and then we act like we're high rollers with a fantastic suite and all the works - acting as if money were no object!

I love that that person got caught! That is just not right.

Solei said...

I am SO jealous!!!

Lucky you.
Lucky kiddos.
Poor hubs though!
At least he had the house to himself to rest.

Plus, you helped catch a criminal!!!
Yay you!

Tiffany said...

wow! What fun! What a cute story about the music box.