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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pirate Duck

Love-Daddy I need to take a bath

Daddy-What...why we just got home

Love-Cause I all dorty

Daddy-Your dirty from what

(meanwhile Love is holding her pirate duck in her hand)

Love-I dorty from school, I was running round hot scool all day and I dorty

(daddy has her figured out...bath=playing with duck in the water)

Daddy-So you taking a bath doesn't have anything to do with the pirate duck in your hand?

(big smile and mischievous smirk)

Love-that's a gwate idea Dad...wear did you biy it from (in a New York accent)


Meg said...

I love the duck! Gage has so many of those damn things!

THE Stephanie said...

How cute is that?? Hey, at least she WANTS to take a bath!! lol

Angie said...

That's too stinkin cute! I can't wait til my niece is talking like that!
I gotta go re-populate my fav blog list, I have no idea what happened to it but it's gone and I'm about to freak out!!!

Joey said...

i love moments like that... it's great

Megan said...

idk...the duck is a little scary to me. Maybe i'm old (since I believe there were only yellow ones around when I was growing up) but if I had a rubber duckie I would want him to be yellow!! But yes, at least she wants to take a bath!!

Solei said...

"that's a gwate idea Dad"
That's just too stinking cute!!!

So did she get to play with the duckie,um, take a bath? lol

Insane Mama said...

That is a Gwate Idea, how cute is that rubber bad ass duckie

~alison said...

absolutely adorable!

Tabi said...

What a stinkin cutie pie! So smart for so young! Lol...come on over to my blog...got something for you!