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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Cosby Family...Only Better!

Tonight is Saturday night...I just tucked Love into her brothers bed (Can I way in Zman's bed for a wittle while) it's Saturday night and they want to sleep together...so I oblige and have her brush her teeth, go potty and off she goes into her brother's bed and watches Sponge Bob (she's 3 a big 3 and it's Saturday night...so she can have fun and wind down).

As I come downstairs I walk into the kitchen and over hear my hubby and son having a talk. I don't intrude just carry on with my blogging, making a drink etc...and overhear parts of the conversation.

What my hubby was telling my son was about his days in the military (he was in the Navy for 4 years). About waking up at 3am to someone screaming, the chanting, the schedule, the grueling conditioning. And my son loves history; he is hanging on to every word, asking questions and my husband is being brutally honest. Showing him a picture that hangs on our refrigerator of my husband and his best friend that he met while in the Navy.

As I sit here typing and I am overhearing the conversation of my husband talking to his only son I feel a sense of peace inside. You see my husband didn't know his dad, he was an alcoholic and divorced his mom when he was only 2 years old...he later died of "cirrhosis of the liver" and his mom never remarried. He didn't have a relationship at all with him when he left his mom. He didn't have any type of father figure except for his oldest sisters husband (his mom had 6 kids and raised them on her own...well his oldest sisters helped...another story).

When we met and fell in love (again another story...I will post soon...stay tuned) we talked about kids...I am 9 years younger and all he wanted was to have a family. He couldn't believe at 19, him being 28 that I wanted this...I didn't want to party, hang out with my friends...I truly fell in love with him, he accepted me for who I was in every possible way. We had Zman when I was 21 and my husband was so overjoyed.

His son, the only person in his family to carry on the name, my husband vowed to be the best father. He wanted to have the type of relationship he never had with his own dad. The one thing he misses about the lost relationship with his father was to have an adult father and son talk.

My son now 9 is so close with his dad. My husband never bull shits him (excuse my french but I feel so strongly). He is there in the morning; making our kids breakfast, getting my son off to school, my daughter to day care and then off to work he goes. He then leaves work early (he is a stockbroker and can finish the day from home) picks my daughter up from school, then home to meet my son who is riding his bike home (so he doesn't have to go to an after school program, he wants to be home when he get there) and greets him. My husband then finishes his day of work and then makes our kids dinner...whatever they want and is emotionally and physically there with my kids.
I then get home and feel the love when I walk into the door. It's the greatest feeling...my husband is the greatest dad in the world...and my kids are very fortunate to experience this kind of love and realness.

Because when my son at 9 wants to know about sex, he is there with all the truth and detail, when he hears a rumor at school about Bloody Mary (you know turn the lights off in the bathroom and in a mirror say bloody marry 3 times) he is doing it in the bathroom to teach my son kids tell bull shit and it's not real, not to be afraid. He wants my son to know the truth...at the end of the day when everyone else tells him lies or persuades him into doing something bad...he can always come to him and get the truth and most of all FEEL LOVED!

I love my life husband more than you know for how close and connected he is with our kids.
No money in the world can make me feel as I do right now!
(And now a military movie is on TV as I finish this post...coincidence?


Solei said...

Well your hubs definitely sounds like a keeper! =0D
And it also sounds like he'll be a pretty good babysitter while we get together to have our tequila with LEMON, lol. who does it any other way????
btw, i sooooo have that same tv in my kitchen!
we have a lot in common, no wonder i like u so much!

THE Stephanie said...

Fabulous! I love it...

...love Maegan said...

I'm all choked up now. What a great story and a great husband and father to your kids! You are a lucky lady!

Mrs. Buck said...

he sounds like an amazing guy! Your kids are so lucky to have such a great father (and mother too I'm sure :-) )

Rachel said...

He always picks up my slack and it's great when 2 parents are equally involved...he is a great father...and wonderful husband to me. Thanks girlies for visiting!!! Love your comments always!

Angie said...

I almost cried. What a great Dad, you did good girl!
I couldn't help but notice that your hubby's and son's profiles are identicle!


Megan said...

You are so very lucky to have such an amazing husband & father that will actually help out. (I think the bloody mary story is the cutest) Thank God that he didn't want to go in the direction that his dad did. So many times people fall into the same deadbeat category, but not your man!!
Glad you all had a good weekend! And that is awesome that "z-man" enjoys classic literature, can't say the same for me! Although, Huckleberry Finn wasn't too bad!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

What a great story!

HappyHourSue said...

What a great dad....and can I say I Love your kitchen!!!!!

American in Norway said...

What a super post... I also have a 9 year old am amazed at what a great daddy /husband we have....
Super blog!