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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who does she think she is?

Love- Mom I like your shoes

Me- Thanks baby


Love-Close your eyes...oh your eye make up is soooo prettyyyyyyyyyy

Me- Awww...thank you

Love-Can I watch my show?

Me-I'm watching my show now?

Love-We share right mama?

Me-Yes we share baby, but I am watching my show.

Love-Mommmmmmmmmmmmm put my show onnnnnnnnnnnn.

Me-After my show we can watch your show.

Love-Mommmmmmmm can I watch my show.

Me-uhhhhhhhh...what do you want to watch?

Love-Alvin and the Chipmuks mamasitaaaaaaaaa!

Me-It's already on in the other room; go watch it in there.

Love-I wanna watch my show here.

Me-Ofcourse you do.


Meg said...

Aww. Thats cute.

Melissa said...

This sounds like my house too!!