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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If I had the power to change something I would change...

my obsessive compulsive disorder (AKA OCD). Yes I am the one who keeps saying in my head; is the door locked? I think I locked it? Did I lock it? Baby is the door locked? He replies "damn it Rachel with your OCD; the door is locked" "if you don't believe me, you get out of bed and check it". My reply "oh so our safety isn't important"..."fine I will check it". I have to, my head won't rest until I do.

I am also known for counting money numerous times (especially if I have a wad of $100's, cause that's how I roll) (kidding). My husband always makes fun and jokes "if you keep counting do you think the number will change" ... "uh yes, some could stick together". Or I balance my check book over and over because I think I may have hit a wrong key on the calculator and I could have more or less money than I actually do.

Another crazy quirk is I organize my clothes and shoes by color. I am crazy about this and sometimes organize my husbands side but he just throws stuff in; it doesn't bother me his looks like a mess as long as mine is neat and pretty. I do this to my daughters clothes too.

I also check on my 3 year old daughter about 15 times a night once I put her to bed; I still check to make sure she is breathing...that whole SIDS thing always freaked me out when my kids were younger and it's just a habit now.

When both my kids were toddlers I loved clean up time. I would show them where each toy needed to go and if it was put in the wrong spot I would say "no baby it goes here with the rest of the Little People toys". When my daughter is playing in her room I always have a habit of saying "ok when your done playing...put all your toys away" "k mommy" "make sure you put them back where they go" "k mommy". I'm not as bad...but I do help them organize. My son has grown to appreciate a clean room. He went to his friends house one day to play and came home and said "mom, there house is chaos"...I said "what do you mean". He replies "everything is all over the place, he had so much stuff in his room on the floor you couldn't see the carpet...I am glad we live in a clean house". I told him "so now you appreciate having a clean house right", he replied "yes I can relax and find stuff, our house is sooo nice". He is still a boy but cleaning his room is part of his chores and yes I have to remind him but he is good organizer. My little girl Love has to help clean, she loves it...and enjoys it and loves to help her daddy clean "daddy I help you cwean" "mommy I do the spray and help you".

I am not so bad that I have to vacuum a certain way so the lines go in one direction (but I do LOVE vacuum lines). I enjoy having the house to myself and cleaning...not obsessively cleaning but kinda...

When I was a child I would hand pick all the lint off my bedroom floor (you would think I would just vacuum it, hmmm or maybe I just did and missed some pieces). I remember my bed having boards underneath it; you know to hold the box spring in place. I would not leave my room until I counted the boards and recounted making sure all were still there...because you never know one could have fell off and then my bed would cave in (I know I know). My mom never had to tell me to clean my room because you could eat off the floor if you wanted to. I never understood why my friends were "grounded" for not cleaning their room. So one day I just made a mess of it so my mom would tell me to clean it...she about fell over when she saw it but it only lasted 1 hour because I couldn't stand it.

I have been prescribed medicine such as "Zoloft", "Prozac" and "Wellbutrin" all of which I never took; I just don't want to have a medicine that I have to take daily nor do I want it to alter my awesome, outgoing, eccentric personality (boy did that sound conceded). So if my nervousness or anxiety gets the better of me, I just take a Xanax to go to sleep and boy do I have a good night sleep.

Maybe this has to do with growing up and my mom and I would leave the house she kept asking "did I turn my curling iron off", "did I lock the front door", "did you see if the garage door shut all the way" and we would sometimes end up turning around to check.

So I learn to get better; somethings I just leave it alone and say frig it...but my clothes have to be organized and nobody touches my shoes!!! Nobody!!!!

MamaKat for the assignment...now what's my grade?


Solei said...

Counting the boards under your bed?!?!? LOL, that 1 was priceless!

And I have a pretty good feeling Ms. Kathy will ge giving you a very good grade. You might even make honor roll! =0D

Cheryl Ann said...

I am so much the opposite it's ridiculous. I have been known to leave my house without shoes, only to realize half way to my destination (an amusement park) that they were not on my feet and probably necessary. Seriously, I lose my mind daily.

I do, however, love a clean house. Nothing is more therapeutic to me than walking into a room free of dust/dog hair, and smelling of fresh cotton.

Joey said...

lol, I'm the same way, I get out of bed frequently to check to make sure doors are locked!

btw, I'm Steph's husband (live laugh love), and I'm a Cowboys fan, but I really enjoy watching the chargers too. If I had to pick an AFC team to make it to the Superbowl, I'd pick them!

THE Stephanie said...

So Rachel, wanna take a trip to Texas? I mean, chances are high that we may have a hurricane this weekend, but that will likely only cause more of a mess for you to clean. You will enjoy that, right? lol

You can clean my house any day, but no counting my money!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I love new blog buddies!

Megan said...

I think you get an A for MamaKat's assignment. :0) And I see NOTHING wrong with being organized & tidy..I am clutter free & will never be the old lady that collects humming birds, fake flowers in a basket, or anything like that. I like things crisp and in their place. I think we have a lot in common!!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

WOw, yea i think I would want to try to change that too! lol Sorry I know its nothing you can do about it but man that would get so annoying!

Debbie said...

Loved this post! You have such a positive attitude about it. That seems to make all the difference. I love the bed slats story!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

So cute - I know it is aggravating!
I'm like you too - in so many ways - having 3 kids and a hubbie that is so laaiidd back has helped me immensely!!!

Angie said...

I'd love for you to come do my closet! I'll even tell you what it looks like in the hopes that you will not be able to resist coming. Everything is on the floor. Shoes, hangers, dirty clothes, clean clothes, purses, etc. My jewelery is laying in a jumbled mess ON TOP of the chest instead of INSIDE it. The list goes on and on so whenever you're ready, come on over!
Great post BTW, very enjoyable read, I'll be back for sure!

Mama's Losin' It said...

You are crazy. You put my OCD tendencies to shame. :) I'm kidding...at least your OCD is for good stuff. You're right...it can't hurt double and triple check the door. You never know!!

Tabi said...

Okay..thank you very much for opening my eyes to how much I really do have ocd even though I thought I was only ocd on a few small things....well now I know that's all not true.....I am with you on almost everything except the bed thing! Seriously you counted the boards?!?! Big laughter for ya!

Diva Ma said...

Sometimes I wish I had OCD. My house is never clean and before I leave my house every day you'll hear me yelling "Have you seen my darn keys????"

...love Maegan said...

I also don't take what doctor's prescribe me... lol. However, I did take effexor for about 9 months to combat anxiety that got so bad I stopped leaving the house! I like things clean and organized too. But pretty sure I don't have OCD ...a possible case of perfectionism though :) good story!

MrsWhimsy said...

I wonder what your mom was thinking when she saw your destroyed bedroom. That is funny stuff.

I am one that is not bothered by chaos. The only reason my house is clean is because I am afraid to pass on my lack of caring to my children. Plus, clutter would drive my hubby batty.

Great post!