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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Lil Family Time

We have been cleaning house this weekend getting ready for my Hubby's 40th in a few weeks. You may ask "why are you cleaning weeks in advance"...because my hubby is just that way. He likes to get a few things done here and there and here and there so by the time the party comes we just clean up inside.

Soooo this weekend, we got the back patio all tidy and rearranged. We picked up this fire pit that we had at our other house and decided to break it in again (it has been a while since we used it) last night. We live in Florida so it was HOT but a little breezy. Plus the kids got excited as Love got to stay up late and Zman got to delay his piano practice.

Earlier when my hubby talked about doing this the kids were all about "roasting the marshmallows" but we didn't have any so my son decided to take a hot dog that we had already cooked earlier and poked a stick in it to "re-roast" it...I told him it was already cooked but it was the excitement of cooking over a fire. Except that lasted 2seconds when he found a pretty small stick and couldn't reach it over the fire without getting burned...so hubby decided to book it to the store and get marshmallows.

After he returned, Love didn't know what to think of this marshmallow thing. She had liked them before but now it was all black and was scared it was "too hot" (It hot mommy...you twy it). Zman doesn't like marshmallows so I kept asking "why did you want your dad to get them if you don't like them" (cause it's fun)...oh yeah your right...it is fun!

Note: My hubby had an idea earlier in the morning to go hunting for wood rather than buying it. My son didn't know what to make of it and said "Dad why can't we just go to the store and buy some" "I'm scared...where are we going again...in the woods" Love was all about it, no care in the world "I come too...I not scared...we fine wood k" "Zman I help you". So after my husband dragged my son out the door they had a little adventure and found some wood not to far from our house. My son was pleased about that; he didn't want to run into any snakes or other creatures...he has a way of getting himself all worked up and then ends up having a blast!


Solei said...

Ahh, how cute!
Your little love sounds like my little Princess! Even though they're the 'babies', they're actually the brave ones!
btw, your kids are sooooo cute!!!

And i got a little surprise for you on my blog!
Come check it out!

Megan said...

Love is too cute being brave for her and ZMan. :) The pictures are cute :0) I can't wait to have kids & do fun stuff with them!

Tabi said...

Your blogger question...ummm I am soo not computer literate! I have no clue...I just type, space, enter like normal and nothing else! It all looks right! Yours to me all looks right, the only differnce is I put spaces between my paragraphs!?!? Not sure....sorry! :P

Rebeckah said...

I just saw your comment about a fire pit at Pink Potpurri. Aren't those fire pits the best? You can make smore's all year long, right in your very own back yard : )! Your family looks adorable. Hope your week is filled with happiness!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh what fun pictures and great memories for your kiddos..

...love Maegan said...

your kids are too cute!!!!

LazyCrazyMama said...

LOL :) how cute. Yeah, kids enjoy roasting marshmallows even if they don't like to eat them. Too funny about "buying" wood :) Sounds like a good time!

THE Stephanie said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! We had a campfire in the back yard a while back b/c the kids were dying to it... scared 'em to death! lol