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Monday, September 22, 2008

Help...what to do?

Ok first thing I need help with is this Blogger thing...does anyone else have this problem? Or these problems?

When I am posting here where I am typing (those who have blogger know what I am talking bout) it looks nice and spaced but when I click publish...it's all rambled together...I have had this problem before and when I go into the edit section and fix it; it looks fixed but then I publish it and same thing...it doesn't happen all the time because you can see my neatly spaced posts and the ones that are discombobulated (like that word) they are posts I'm talking bout.

Also when I post more than one pick; even if I put it in the middle of the text it moves them all to the top...why does it happen? Why Why Why? Can't a girl just blog!

Next item...tonight is Monday...normally it's a Hills night at 10pm...but my San Diego Chargers are playing Monday Night Football against Mr. Favre and the Jets. If that didn't throw a wrench in the mix also premiering tonight is my CBS shows...Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.

Lastly we have been without our Playstation 3 for 3 months and Sony shipped our new one out to us...what does this mean....ROCK BAND baby! Our band (my husband and I...and Zman...he is sooo damn excited he can't stand it) is supposed to take stage tonight after a 3 month hiatus...Whats a girl to do?

Just so you know the minute I hit "publish post" then "view blog" it looked neat...spaced as I typed it...WTF happened to the other 2 posts? And I have tried fixing it I don't know how many times :(


Tabi said...

I'm not laughing histerically at you...I promise I'm not...just kinda of mildly giggling!! :P You should vidoe tape ya'll playing rock band so we can all have some enjoyment out of it too!

Rachel said...

Oh yes I definately will! Watch out world!!!

Angie said...

Sounds like big fun!

Wish I could help you with your posting and publishing issues but I haven't run into that problem...yet.


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

I also have those issues... When you load the pictures they always just go up top, so you need to cut and paste the pics to where you want its a PITA. I have learned the start loading the pics I want first then start typing my post and move the pics where I want them. The spacing, its gotta have something to do with the HTML thing, something I know NOTHING about. Its seriosuly a different language! Anyways im no help but wanted to let you know your not alone! lol
thanks for stopping by again! I've been cranky and anti social and that also goes for my blog... anyways Im trying to kick myself out of it and jump into fall things.. even tho we never get a really get a real fall out here... kinda like florida! BUT im making an effort to get into the season! lol
Have a great day!

Maki said...

Ah! I have same problems as yours... I get so confused sometimes:(

So many choices, huh? New season for different shows and NFL, etc and if you add playstation to that? Oh I wouldn't know what to do either!

Oh wait, I'm not giving you any advise or solution, am I??? Sorry!
But good luck with the fam band!!

THE Stephanie said...

Rachel!!! Hello??? Please, for the love of Pete, I'll send you an email... did you somehow forget that I have a blog design business?? I can explain all of this... I'll send you an email to save your sanity :)

LazyCrazyMama said...

Ugh! Yes, the spacing thing really sucks! Yay for the ps3~ I've heard that Rock Band is awesome :)

Joey said...

its cuz blogger is stupid... lol
they have a "generic" posting section but depending on your template, the spacing is diff so it ends up all jacked up!

oh, btw, that was a a great game last night! the Chargers spanked the Jets!

Rachel said...

For all who have the same problem...Steph is the solution...check her sites out!

Melissa said...

Monday night Football is always the way to go.... Another woman who loves football as much as me... a woman afetr my own heart!! he-he