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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Wish I Could...

Sing...Yes I wish I could sing. I always have and always will. Before I turned 30 I would tease my husband and tell him I was going to try out for American Idol. He was supportive but more so supportive in the fact he didn't want me to be embarrassed let alone embarrass our family. But deep down inside I love singing. I think I sound good during our Playstation Rock Band sessions; well maybe because we have already had a few drinks.
I love how you can be driving home listening to the radio and you just hear that song that makes you feel all good inside; just makes you wanna dance.
Sooooo....since I can't sing, I figured I would start playing the piano. Yep I signed up. I start the 2nd week in September. Maybe once I actually learn "keys" I may be able to learn to sing and sing in tune...I know it's a long shot but we can dream right? Just think even if the singing thing doesn't work out; I can play the piano at Christmas time right? My son is also going to learn as well, that way we can start a band together. I will play piano and he will sing (because he actually does sound good).
Thanks MamaKat


Diva Ma said...

Great start! Blogging is new to me two. Started 2 months ago and can't stop.
I really enjoy the singing thing as well, but I'm tone death. The rest of my family on my dads sing like birds. It skipped all over me, my brother and my baby sister. Can't play piano either. I'll stick to writing.

Melissa said...

You are going to be off to a good start with the piano lessons. I wish I could sing too! I'm actually planning to teach myself piano. I can read music pretty good. Also my daughter is going to start taking lessons so it probably won't be long before she can teach me. You know the old saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, sometimes that's exactly how I feel!! Good luck!!

Rachel said...

Yay...thanks for the comments! I loved your posts too!

Mama's Losin' It said...

I wish I could sing too...sometimes I think I sound alright, but then my husband grimaces and I realize I'm completely off key.

I like the idea of piano lessons though!!