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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Lucky Day

I have been wanting this dress for a long time; I haven't been shopping in about 2 months...you know trying to save money. So my husband realizes what a good girl I have been and says..."this Tuesday you and I are going to go shopping, you can pick out a new dress and a pair of shoes" (what women doesn't want their husband to say this to them)...soo Tuesday night we drive 25 minutes to drop the kids off at my mom's and proceed to the closest mall. Even though I don't believe my dress will be at this mall, my husband says we can go to the "M" mall; I reply "it's too far and then to drive all the way there and then back to get the kids"...he replies "I don't mind; let's have fun." I insist on going to the closer mall; we go in and I look; no dress...can't find shoes either...I love funky shoes so just to buy a pair for the hell of it. (I have 100 pairs already...yes I hoard shoes) so he says "let's go to the "M" mall; "Ok" I replied...so here we are fighting traffic and driving 30 minutes to this mall...no dress...I ask the women behind the counter "oh we sold out" ofcourse you have...so he says "you just want one particular dress, what about all these other ones". "No I just want this one". The awesome husband that he is says "well if I would have known I would have called around and found out who had it and had them put it on hold" (he is awesome isn't he)...so I bought nothing and we had a wonderful $85 dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...drove back to my mom's house in a storm at 9pm to get the kids (on a school night) and went home.

I work near the first mall we went to so today on my lunch hour figured what the hell; I am sure I can find something. Well Macy's had a Labor Day sale and I was browsing the clearance racks and what do I see...ofcourse my dress...1 left in my size (but I was just here last night; is this real, how could this be). It was calling out to me "pick me pick me, here I am...wear me wear me" I was sooo excited that I had to let the sales associate know my treasure find and she could care less...but I have it...and I tried it on and it looks perfect! And to add to the excitement; it was $30 off...it was on SALE!!! WOOOHOOO.

What can I say...maybe I will try 2 for 2 and play the lottery tonight!

Thanks to my awesome hubby...

1 comment:

Mama's Losin' It said...

Nice work! You and that dress were definitely meant to be. I swear Macy's always has the best sales.