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Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Wants a Baby and More Food

Well she wants hubby and I to have a baby but Zman wants nothing of it.

Love-I wanna baby mom

Me-No way...your my baby!

Zman-I don't want another baby...Love is enough. Besides then I will have someone else to take care of.

Love-I not a baby...I gonna be this many (holding up 4 fingers) wight mom.


Love-I wanna lil baby I can take care of pwease? pwease?

Maybe looking at old photos from them being babies prompted this discussion.

It's so crazy to think back when they were so little and depended on us for everything and now Love is running the house.

I'm doing the dishes, here she comes "I can do the dishes mom"
I'm vacuuming, here she comes "I can vacuum mom"
I'm dusting, here she comes "give me dat I do it"

Next I'm teaching her how to drive so she can run to the store to get milk because she drinks this stuff non stop. Not to mention how much she wants to eat. Once you serve her before she eats she is asking for more after she is done. And this repeats for about 5 times. The minute she is done eating she wants a snack. When you tell her to wait, let her food settle she is asking again 5 minutes later telling me "my tummy seddel now".

Note: We have actually left the table, she is still eating


On another note I participated in a Valentine Swap hosted by Belle. My partner was Diane and this is what she sent me...Thanks Diane!


mama's smitten said...

Oh I love the I do it stage! And the baby talk! My little guy still does it and I know I should correct it before he gets to old but I love the I wuff you mama!

Savvy Mode SG said...

My sister will love for Love to have a chat with my niece.

Lindsey said...

Oh these kids always crack me up! Love it!!!

Miss Danna said...

haha your kids are adorable! PS you have a bulldog name Brutus? I am thinking about getting a bulldog myself & that's the name I have picked out!!!! hahah small world, but such a perfect name for the breed :)

...love Maegan said...

um, she is adorable! ...and just for the record, if she wants to come to our house and do the dishes and vacuum, she's totally welcome :)

Melissa said...

TOO Funny... my 2nd son always tells me that he is praying for another baby!! I say: "honey, please stop praying for that... I really don't want another baby" (what he doesn't know is that I can't "physically" have another anyway) :)

Franco said...

awww, so cute!! you shoudld get her a baby doll.

Diane said...

Your kids are just so adorable! Too bad you can't send Love over to my house to vacuum & wash dishes. She could play with my 5 dogs.

Thanks for posting your Valentine swap! (I thought the pink earrings turned out so cute, that I bought more beads to make another pair yesterday!) Did you put the window gel clings on a window or mirror after Love took off with them?


MilesPerHour said...

Interesting. I wonder what your blog will be about when the kids are teenagers? lol

It's all good.

Live.Love.Eat said...

What a wonderful little helper you have around the house!!!!!

The Wife O Riley said...

Oh, I wish my kids would eat like that. We have left the table with them still sitting there not eating.

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

how funny! My dd was saying the other day as we were cleaning the office and moving things around "mom maybe we should take all this outta here and some other kid can live with us" ummm..... NO! lol
it make it very twmpting when your looking back on old pictures tho huh? so sweet, so inocent, no back talking, no tantrums, etc! lol

missy said...

oh....love can move in with me....i need a house keeper!!!!! awwww babies......everybody loves them!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

She is so sweet : ). Kaish wants a baby too. Gary is the problem because I am ALL for it : ).

Your new key chain is great. I keep meaning to buy one. I also love the Swap idea. So fun!

Lump said...

she is just a doll!

Whitney said...

I swear your daughter is so precious!
Fun VDay presents!

Sarah said...

Too stinkin cute!!!

With Love from New Orleans said...

AWW!!!! Love your new layout!

THE Stephanie said...

Awe! Cute stuff. And I have that blue Christmas cup, in my cabinet, at this very moment. LOL