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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who's Got the Funk...Rachel has the Funk...literally

Yup I'm in a funk. I woke up this morning crying because I didn't have anything to wear...I have a bad habit of buying the wrong clothes...you know clothes to wear going out or for the weekend and not enough for work.

So I started my day off crying, then had a physical therapy appointment. Can you believe when I was filling out the forms I couldn't remember my own phone number! Seriously, I had to call it from my cell phone and my voicemail picked up so I guess I got it right after all.

Then I got into work about 10:30 and worked through my lunch to make up for being late, not to mention I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and then I have to leave early on Thursday and 3 days next week for more physical therapy...so after not feeling pretty because of my outfit and then not being able to take a lunch I was feeling bummed.

Then as the day went on, daily life struggles etc I felt like I needed a good cry. You know the feeling for no reason just wanna let it out.

I have been a little overwhelmed the past few days...stressing about the party and wanting my hubby to have a good time. Not to mention cooking the food because I'm no cook and meanwhile Hubby is critiquing so I am feeling more pressure. I just want it to be great.

Then he has his friends in town so I of course take the back seat...I love his attention but I am really glad his friends are here but just kinda felt left out.

So with that feeling on Monday I let it all out and of course he thought I was crazy. I don't like ruts...we haven't kept up with our weekly happy hours and going out twice a month. I haven't gotten my hair done and it's way way way (did I say way?) overdue, I haven't gotten a pedicure...I haven't shopped in I don't know how long because I am really trying hard not to be selfish...the economy is in the crapper and I am right smack in the middle of it with my job and pardon my french...It sucks! And I don't feel pretty so I cried.

Zman called me on my way home and asked if I could pick up pizza for dinner; it was going to be me and the kids because Hubby was going out tonight with his friend who leaves tomorrow and I guess I sounded down in the dumps to Zman.

I called back to let him know I would get pizza after my first instinct was "you want me to stop" and hubby answered. He could tell something was wrong and I just cried...I let him know why because he kept asking and frankly I couldn't hide it.

He is my best friend and always knows when something is bothering me. He offered to spend tomorrow night going shopping and taking me to get a pedicure...but I still feel guilty about spending the money.

Has anyone else experienced this or should I just get my Welbutrin filled?


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel... I've been through similar ruts for sure! I'm convinced mine are mostly attributed to PMS. Although it seems like I have PMS 3 weeks out of each month. I'm down to one good week at this point. Plus I get super stressed out and cranky before parties!! They wear me out. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. :) Hugs! ~Jill :)

Gwen said...

I really think that its that time of year for us all to feel just off. The weather is starting to change, the economy is crappy, all we hear is election stuff and Christmas is coming too. Just take a few deep breaths and relax. Even though $ may be tight do take some time for yourself ~ get your hair or toes done. Us mothers deserve it every once in a while. But if you're going to use your Welbutrin to quit smoking then by all means fill that sucker!!! :)

Maki said...

Girl, you know I've been having those moments for the past few weeks and I feel you!!! I really don't know what's wrong with me, but I guess us women go through some sort of weird cycle of emotional roller coaster.

You have a wonderful husband who understands and comfort you... So cry on his shoulder all you want. Everything will be okay soon - get those mani-pedi now!

Tabi said...

I was in the funk last week! I understand. I hope you get out of the funk soon and spend some time with your hubs! It's hard being THE person for everyone else sometimes. Take some time out, relax, and enjoy yourself!

Tabi said...

Oh and I understand the hair thing too! I will be getting my hair done for the first time in almost a year and half this saturday!

THE Stephanie said...

Oh Rach... I have those days too. And I totally understand the whole clothes thing. I do the same thing!! (Remember, we were separated at birth!) I always buy clothes for going out or whatever and then I never have anything to wear to work...

Never hurts to cry... Joey always thinks I'm nuts. I'm convinced that one day I'll come home and there will be a bottle of pills on the counter, just for me. Happy pills :)

Leigh said...

Oh yes I have definitely had those days. Sometimes things get so overwhelming that there is nothing to do but to stop and cry. For me especially the night before you know what. But after all is let out, the next day is usually a nice refresher.

And I am also needing those clothes, Cry.. and my hair is absolutely in need of roots and trim. The costs arggg.

Hope the rest of the day feels better:))

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh you poor baby... hope you feel better. take a deep breath and give yourself a hot luxurious bubble bath. it always help me somewhat.

merc3069 said...

Having a craptastic day here, too. Hope it gets better!

Shannon said...

Oh, we've all been there! My hubby thinks its weird too... crying just to get it out. But sometimes you have to do that and you feel so much better.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Now come back and enter my giveaway!

Weeksie50 said...

I am sorry, I don't know how I missed this post..

I am sorry you are in a funk. When I am in a funk I try to think on all the things that make my life so great. You could start by thinking about your Zman. How sweet of him to think of you and call you when he knew you were down.. You have done something right in raising that child.. such a considerate boy even at a young age.. and then your husby.. offered to make it better by enduring some shopping with you. You are blessed. I get in funks sometimes too.. Even more so this time of year. The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, the stress of the Holidays are upon us... It is a stressful time.. I am sending happy thoughts your way!!

...love Maegan said...

I can't seem to get out of it either ...every day I just want to go home, get into bed and cry. ...I think everyone is having a rough time right now.

Angie said...

Awww, bless your heart. I think we all have those kinds of days every now and then. In fact, I think I may be about due for one.
I've been wearing the same work clothes for a year now. Aside from 2 pairs of flip flops, I haven't bought myself any shoes in a year. Purses? I sold my coach purses during a rough time last year. Haven't had a manicure or a pedicure in a year and if it weren't for my BFF, whose is a hair stylist, I would look like a witch! It sucks not being able to afford to splurge on myself anymore but that's kind of how I want to live now. Simple. As long as I can afford fabric and a few yard sale or thrift store items every now and then I guess I'll be happy with that.
I'm gonna go let it all out now...