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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Wife

A thousand words to be spoken,
A thousand words to be written
A thousand birds to fly in unison
A thousand sounds to be played
A thousand flavors to taste,
Yet Only one word that I want to speak
Only one word my heart needs to write
Only one bird I watch fly away everyday
Only one song my ears need to hear
And only one taste I forever need
The word I speak is love,The word I write is you.
You are the bird that flies away every morning,only to return to my longing heart that afternoon,
The one song that plays is the song of us,
The only taste is of your lips, sweet, soft and
Perfectly made for mine.

Written by: My hubby
Copyright © 2009, 2010



Gwen said...

No Way!!! Are you back to blogging? Love this poem by the way. Such a sweet man you have!!! XOXO

THE Stephanie said...

WHAT.IS.THIS???? I did a double take when I saw your name in my Google Reader! YAY!!!

Hope you're well :)

Vasu said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful