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Friday, March 27, 2009

Because You Talk Too Loud

It's the eve before we begin packing up our moving truck to begin our journey to Colorado; all is quiet downstairs except for the sound of Spiderman playing in the background. On the couch sits Love contently on a huge couch with her crayons and her coloring tray on the cushion next to her.

Me-Whatcha watching?

Love-Spidaman...you want to watch wit me?

Me-Sure (she moves her crayons and clears a spot for me on the couch)

Love-You hab to be berry quiet...ok?


Love-Because you talk too loud and I can't even hear it!

Me-Oh I'm sorry.

Love-Its ok mom

As I sit next to her I begin asking questions because she is engrossed in the movie

Me-Is this Spiderman 1 2 or 3?

Love-Spidaman 3

Me-Oh who is that?

Love-Dat is the Gween Gobwin

Me-Is he bad?

Love-You now who killed hid father? Peta Parka

Me-Oh no...is this scary?

Love-No it not mom...sshh watch it...it's ok weally.


mama's smitten said...

Oh my goodness what a little grown up! Too Cute!

Maki said...

I can't stand her, she is tooooooooooooo cute!!! Gosh I really wish she and my Soapy could have met and played..

Are you getting excited??? Have a safe journey, okay?

Love you~~~


Franco said...

"sshh watch it...it's ok weally" AWWW SO ***** CUTE!!

~alison said...

precious. I love hearing Love stories. She is too cute. Travel safely and take TONS of pics on your way so we can see!

MilesPerHour said...

The next thing she is gonna be telling you when she's watching a movie is to put your cell on silent.

LazyCrazyMama said...

Too cute!! :) My son loves spiderman too :)

THE Stephanie said...

Awe... don't make us wait too long for another "Love" update, k?

Be safe!

Hipmomofboyz said...

After meeting Love it crakes me up to see your writing because that is how she sounds....she is the funniest little thing ever...Did you make it to you new town???

Hipmomofboyz said...

Girl, I will be praying for you to have safe travels...

gina said...

Adorable!! Peta Parka - your own little Brit!

Lindsey said...

ahhhhh she is just too stinkin' cute!!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

that is too cute! she says the sweetest things :)

Shorty said...

I just love your dialog recaps with Love! Too cute!

Wishing you all the best with your move, my friend!

MJ said...


PorkStar said...

lol they are outmarting parents too, on top of that

Tabi said...

Just stopping in to say, I hope the move is going well for you guys! Hope to here from you soon!

Savvy Mode SG said...

hope moving is smooth and without much mishaps. : )

Just MeMe said...

Once you get back online, check out my blog. You have been tagged.

Hope everything is going well with the move to the new state.


missy said...

hahaha!!!! we all think love is the best!!!!!