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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

As I Sit Here

...among boxes getting ready for the move. It's out of balance somewhat as we don't know the exact date that we can make the trip. The tenants who are currently residing in the place we will be renting haven't communicated the exact date of their move out prior to 3/31.

I am ready to know the day we load up the truck and make our way. I was hoping it would be a week from Thursday now it could be the following week.

I have packed up Love and Zman's room; meanwhile all that sits is the toys/boxes/furniture that is ready to load on the truck. The living room is packed up and bare except for the tv that we were going to sell but decided to bring with us and the sectional which again we were planning on selling but decided we had room.

This has been one stressful move. Mostly because I am not working and I am in limbo. I am looking for a job in Colorado but I can't fully focus as I am stressing about the details of packing and moving and can't give 100% to finding a job. This is the first time I have been unemployed in a very long time and not have something lined up...so this is weighing on me too.


...love Maegan said...

you sound sad :( I'm sorry ...this must be really difficult for you ...hoping things look up soon :)

MarryMead said...

Rachel- I love reading your blog, such insight into the "you" I never knew well. And now you are moving- damn it! But I really wanted to say is, hang in there, try to live each day to its fullest, which is something that is so darn hard to do when we are living with turmoil in our lives. I know everything feels so tenuous and uncertain, so many of us are experiencing the same thing. You and hubby have come a long way baby and the best is yet to come, you are survivors and this too, we all shall survive. Love you sista- Mar

rebecca said...

Oh I am sorry things are in limbo but they will get better and you will love Colorado - it is fun and relaxed.

missy said...

hang in there!!!!!
everything will go great.....just hang in there!!!!
everything happens for a reason....may not be able to figure it out right now...but one of these days you will have an ahhh~haaa moment!!!!! and it will all fall in place!!!! have a safe trip and let us know when you get there!!!!

Gwen said...

Oh hun I wish I could come help you pack and get you all settled in in CO!! The best I can do now is lots of prayers. Sending them....NOW!!! XOXO

Megan said...

I'm sure it is stressful now, but it will be worth it! You will find a job! Things will be organized again!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I hope that this will be a fresh start for you. Good luck!

mama's smitten said...

hang in there! I'm sure God has something Great in store for you in Colorado!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Well, you answered my question from my previous comment. It's understandable how you're feeling, you have so much going on. Just keep focusing on the good stuff and whenever you have down time just click "Apply" to some Colorado jobs on Career Builder. It will all work out for you, I have a good feeling. I do believe when one door closes another one opens to something even better!

Shorty said...

I know this is redundant, but hang in there, my friend. very soon this will be but a memory for you and everything will be settled. Try to be ok with ambiguity for now.

Wishing you all the best, my friend!

THE Stephanie said...

Just think about the mountains... I know it will all work out!


~alison said...

I can imagine the stress you are feeling right now. My hubby and I made a move like this about 8 years ago when we moved from NYC to LA. We didn't have ANYthing lined up for work. AND we were moving across the freakin' country! Very scary. BUT also VERY exciting! You have such an awesome tight knit family that you guys can weather anything! Just remember - if you can't get the type of work you are looking for - YOU CAN ALWAYS work for Starbucks...which is what I did. I actually had alot of fun at Starbucks. But I believe you will do just what you set out to. I wish you the best of luck. And enjoy that cross country trip...it is an experience like nothing else. The kids should realize that too. What an awesome experience. I am really excited for you!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

ahhh, this can be a bit stressful during these days :( but look at the exciting fresh start at the end of the tunnel! i'll be praying for your safe travel and job finding!

Staci said...

ooo i hate movin!! It will all work out!! thinkin about ya!! keep me posted!!

Angie Seaman said...

Oh goodness girl - you are so close. I keep forgetting that you aren't going to be in FL anymore when I'm there. I'm so sad about that. I had high hopes of meeting you in person one day. We'll have to meet in the middle sometime in the near future. What fun that would be. An AGD reunion amongst bloggers. YAY! However, who is going to give me my beach reports now when I'm not there at the house in Bonita? Again, so sad! Ha ha! Either way, I'm stoked for you and your family. I know you will love Colorado. My step-brother was in the Air Force Academy out there. We took many many trips out to see him. It was always such a blast. Great place to visit if you ever get the chance. Your son would love the backdrop of the academy. Very neat place. Real cool chapel too. Just an FYI. Anywho, keep hanging on and remain positive. Don't let the stress get to you. Love ya girl.
Hugs, Angie

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

we're going to be moving soon too and are also unsure of our move date! We have moved so many times, we know exactly how it is! It sounds exciting though, I hope that everything works out the way you want it to!

J and J Acres said...

I just started reading your blog, but I'm sorry you guys are going through this. I lost my job back at the beginning of February, and I haven't even had an interview yet. I hope Colorado holds many (good) surprises for you guys and that you find a job quickly!!

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I just "found" you via Meg's whatever blog. I live in Northern Colorado so it caught my eye when you said you were moving here. Don't know which part of the state you're heading to, but if you're heading north and you've got any questions, I'd be happy to try and help.
We're actually moving as well, this summer. I can totally relate to your up in the air, living in limbo situation, as we've got a lot of that going on here as well. It is so frustrating! But a good opportunity to remind myself that God is in control and He's got a plan.
Hang in there!

Laura said...

Hang in there cutie and I promise it will all work out for you!

When you get a chance, come and enter the Under the Sheets five question contest :)

MJ said...

Good luck!

I absolutely LOATHE moving. And by June, I will have done it five times in the past two years. Ugh.

Mariah said...

Good Luck with the move and the job. I hate moving, but Colorado is gorgeous and you'll be a *little* closer to me

Hipmomofboyz said...

girl,,,,I hate packing. But, you are going to love Colorado... be safe on Thursday...Tell Love we all said hello.

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