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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Your Lesson for Today...Listen Up Posse

I get a lil surprise this morning when I log into my bank account. Apparantly someone decided to write down the numbers on my husbands debit card and create a "fake card" and use it at Walmart to spend a couple hundred dollars...I guess they figured I should buy their Christmas gifts.

Thank goodness I am anal in the sense I check my account faithfully every morning to check off what cleared and look for suspicious charges...or keep tabs on hubby's spending.

There is a lot of ways this type of fraud can be done after speaking with Walmart and our banking institution. One way is handing your card to lets say a server at a restaurant. They can write down all the numbers and create a fake card that can be used anywhere...well until you find out about it and cancel the card.

Another way is they put a device outside the gas tank where you swipe your card and immediately get the information.

Think about it; all someone needs is the numbers on the front and back of the card and they can order online now days.

So lessons I learned:

1. Pay cash at restaurants...it's sad but trust nobody.

2. Pay for my gas inside the gas station instead of swiping my card outside at the pump.

3. Do not use my debit card to order online (I typically don't do this I normally would use a credit card if I wanted to order something)

4. Pay Cash and be done with it.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Great advice!

THE Stephanie said...

OMG Rachel!!! I'm glad you caught it quickly! I'm the same way, I check it all the time, sometimes multiple times a day... I know where hubby eats lunch before he's left the restaurant :)

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry that happened, but great job on catching it so quickly!

Thanks for the tips, I never thought of a server copying our numbers, YIKES! I am def paying cash more often now!

Shorty said...

See, it pays to be anal! We are the same way! Kudos to you for catching it so quickly!!!

Lump said...

holy crap that is scary. I don't carry any cash on me at all EVER.

Tabi said...

I am so sorry chick!! Did the bank get it refunded to you? That is the scary thing about all the technology these days!

Angie Seaman said...

You are kidding me! I can't believe that. Thank goodness you were on top of it all. WOW! What is wrong with this world today. UGH!
PS...You have an award over on my blog sista'!
Hugs, Angie

...love Maegan said...

very interesting. We use cash everywhere outside the house but I do use my card for online shopping :)

I hope you get your money back!

missy said...

how scary!!! good eye!!! we always use our debit card...that kind of freaks me out now!!!!

Stacy said...

Ugh that is sooooo frustrating! Thanks for the tips though:)
BTW, love your blog!

Maki said...

Yes, those stealers would come up with anything to take your money. Scary and very upsetting! I've my purse stolen before (twice) and I know what it's like to see something that you don't even know shows up on your bank/credit card statement. I wanted to puke.

Also, I've heard that some con's use homeless people to go through people trash bins to find bank/credit/other type of important statements. Trust nobody is the right word!!

ps. i sent the stuff today:)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ugh, how frusterating. I hope you didn't have to go through a hassle getting the money back! I check mine daily too, mainly to see if I'm broke yet :)

Leigh said...

I am so sorry that happened to you but thankfully you check each day. I am the same, but will also take your advice about the restaurants and gas stations.

SO many idiots out there, It has also happend to a family member as well, so frustrating.

Ida said...

This blog is BEAUTIFUL!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oooohhhh, good stuff to know! Thanks for sharing! :)

Ashley Griffin said...

it IS a good thing that you caught it soo quickly. my hubby is anal like that too, but its because he is the VP at our community bank where we live! so he has to do that. thanks for the reminder for everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog!!
and i love the post below about "child labor". you just can't start them too young. the earlier the better i say!!
ANDDDD i love brutus beefcake!

Liz said...

I am so glad you caught that quickly. Wow. I agree about the cash thing. We're trying very hard to do that these days.

April said...

That sucks. It has happened to me a few times too though. Good thing my bank trusts me!

MilesPerHour said...

Thanks for looking out for the rest of us. Great advice Rachel.

The Pink Potpourri said...

you're exactly right. my hubby and i went through debit card being stolen TWICE in one month. not fun, not fun at all :(

With Love from New Orleans said...

Good tips! I tagged you in blog today!

foodbankbarbie said...


You have a new minion :)

LazyCrazyMama said...

OMG that sucks!!! I never use a card at a drive through because I'd heard of that, but the gas station one is new to me!