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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Time to Give

This holiday season let's try to Give a little something to someone less fortunate.
Each holiday season our family tries to "give" to show the kids the "true meaning" of Christmas. We normally would make a ton of sack lunches and bring them to the park downtown in our city and pass them out to the homeless sleeping on the benches. We would pack sandwiches, chips, cookies and include a fresh pair of new socks.

The city passed an ordinance and you are no longer allowed to "feed" the homeless. If you are caught you can be arrested and several activist groups have served time in jail. This is currently being fought.

Do you know there is a Childrens Home within 5 miles of our house? At Thanksgiving we purchased a bag of food at our local grocery store and it was donated to them. Something so simple I bet made a big difference to those kids and the people who run the home.

My family and I have volunteered at the home previously. We made a bunch of food and had a little gathering with all the kids and we all brought our family (a group of us girls started a community involvement team at my old company and we picked this home); it was a great time. The same group of girls and myself took the girls from the home on a "spa day" to get their nails done. These kids want nothing more to just feel special and know that they are loved and cared for. This home is a Christian based organization therefore they get no state funding (you know the saying separating church and state) they soley rely on private donations.

You know at McDonalds the little box "donate to the Ronald McDonald house" (RMH). Well I knew of the RMH but didn't really know who stayed there. My lil Love had to have two skulls surgeries...one at 7 weeks old and another after her 2nd birthday. She was born with Craniosynostosis which is a premature closure of the membrane. Her head was growing to one side and it wasn't allowing for her brain to grow because the one side was closed. The first surgery was for medical reasons without the surgery it can cause blindness, retardation etc. (google it if you want) She did amazingly well and healed however the sutures placed inside her skull didn't dissolve as they should have so the neurgosurgeon had to operate again and do cosmetic surgery on her skull (in lamens terms he reconstructed her forehead by hand). I always joke with him that he put something in her brain because she is so damn smart! So during these operations we were offered to stay at the RMH. It's absolutely free and it's a place for family to stay who are travelling from a far when their children are staying at the childrens hospital for care.

We inquired about donating our services (who am I kidding my husbands services...I can serve, clean up and socialize) and cook a meal for the entire RMH. In doing so you have to cook enough to feed 50...we are going to have to seek outside help on this one as money is really tight these days but something we really want to do.

As I finish this post I want you to visit a new blogger who I recently stumbled across and she dedicates her life to "giving". Sometimes you are meant to run into certain people; you have no control over it. She just helped inspire me to do more for others.

It's amazing the feeling you get when you help others; even if it's the smallest thing you could have done; it just makes you feel all rich inside.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Great ideas! Cannot feed the homeless? What politician came up with this? Who feeds them?

Lindsey said...

So sweet of your family! I want to be a mom like you someday!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Way to be in the Christmas spirit!!

Jennifer said...

that is so great. we also do alot as well...
such a wonderful thing to help people out.

mrs.cupcake said...

Wow, what a great way to give back.

Thank you so much for sharing your efforts as well as Barbie's.

Franco said...

I give what I can, i ususally just drop money with the salvation army guy,
a great place to find out how to give is contacting your local elemtary school or chistian church.
you are great

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - I want to do the same thing when we have kids. For the past 2 years, hubby and I have not exchanged gifts but instead did something for someone less fortrunate and it is a tradition that we plan on continuing.

Shorty said...

What a great post, and your timing couldn't be better. I appreciate your gentle reminder that there is so much each of us can do for those less fortunate. Thanks for the link to food barbie's blog, too. I enjoyed her posts as well!

Staci said...

soo sweet, thanks for the ideas!!

Maki said...

I can't believe that the city past the ordinance. It's cruel and people should fight it. Is this only for feeding the ones on the streets or at churches, etc? I am all for feeding the homeless people, especailly now where economy is so bad and so many people are out of jobs and homes... I try not to give them cash because I don't want them to use it to get the fix they need; booze and drugs. But let's feed those people!! I'm volunteering this year and am bringing the girls to help people in need:)

You and your fam have tender hearts. Great post, Rachel!!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow. that's amazing. your Love is an incredible girl! thanks for sharing about the RMH.

Solei said...

No wonder I like you so much girl! =0D

There are soooooo many worthwhile charities out there, and you can ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give of yourself... If not money, then your time, etc. I just loved discovering this 'side' of you, lol.

And that's 1 of the reasons why I luv being a Girl Scout Leader. I get to expose the girls to the real world out there and in turn help people out while we're at it. They love it and so do I!

Whitney said...

Girl - I am so sorry I forgot to put my follower thing up! Ha! Today is just one of those days!
I love this post. Love it.
And I love your blog - I will def be back!
Thanks for playing - shoes make the world go 'round!

Hipmomofboyz said...

I'm back in the bloggin' land....I'm sooo sorry for being a bad blogger.
I love this post

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great info. I have been thinking the past few days what I can do with my 5yo to give to someone. He knows we give to people in need but now is the time for him to see and be a part of it.

missy said...

oh my gosh rachel.....i checked out the blog....i love it...thanks for sharing with us!!!!

Lump said...

what a great post!!

Melissa said...

GREAT, GREAT post!! You are so right on about this...as a matter of fact, my son just took a field trip to that same downtown park on the lake (that you used to bring lunches to) and the "fee" for the field trip was a donation for one of the local shelters...

foodbankbarbie said...

I just scanned your comments.. how many people did YOU inspire today??
You're InspirationBarbie :)

Tiffany said...

beautiful post rachel. Thanks for sharing.

you have inspired all of us!