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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Photo Time and Randomness

I am trying to decide which photo to use for our Christmas Card...I know it's the 11th and I am just getting to it but I am no Suzy homemaker that is for sure!

Please let me know which one you think I should use in addition to the solo photo of Zman and Love.

On another note I have been fighting a head cold since Thanksgiving. I started to feel better and then got congested again. I hear it's going around and lingers for about a month.

Love is sick also. Last night she didn't want to eat her Chefboyardee dinner (dinner of champions) which is a sign she is not feeling herself...this girl can throw down some food. Then later her eyes were sunken and was running a fever of 101.9.

Me-Let's take some medicine to make you feel better

Love-No medcine Mom...I dunt wike it.

Me-I know but it's bubble gum flavor...see it says Bubble Gum Yum...it has to be good.

Now she doesn't take any type of medicine...if she has an ear infection we typically have to get her a shot of antibiotics. When she has a fever we normally have to do suppositories but we didn't have any on hand.
So she has the cup of Tylenol in her hand and a cup of water in the other and she barely slurps the medicine and drinks the water. This goes on for about a half hour.

Love-I did it mom! I take all my medcine.

Me-Wooohooo your such a big girl...see I told you it would taste good.

Love-I dunt wike it...I have to fro up.

Me-Sip your water; don't throw up.

Love-I have to fro up mom

Me-No you don't baby...here is a straw just sip the water ok.
So by this time I go into the bathroom to go potty and Hannah is in tow.

Love-I have to fro up

Me-Here let's look at the pretty shoes in this magazine ok.


Love-Oh I wuv those shoes

Me-They are soooo cute aren't they!

Love-I have to fro up.

Thankfully she didn't throw up...however her mind is a powerful thing...I had to get her mind off it for a lil while...looking at shoes in a magazine and watching Drake and Josh Christmas for the 10th time will do it.

I came home from work yesterday early because I was coughing my head off literally. Zman was already home from school and hubby took off back to the office. Zman then told me that he was thinking about me at school yesterday and he almost cried.

Me-Why did you almost cry

Zman-Because I was just thinking about you and I missed you so much Mom.

Me-Awww your the bestest kid in the whole wide world!

Zman-I just love you Mom; and that is why when I go to Grandma's house I start thinking about you and dad and I get a lil sad because I love you guys.

Me-I'm so glad God gave you to me

Zman-You always say that Mom...you just said it last night!


Whitney said...

Your kids are precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying that is so sweet!
I like the one where he is standing behind her. That's my vote!

MilesPerHour said...

I agree with Whitney. But you really can't go wrong with any of them!

Lindsey said...

Love and Zman are so good looking! Any picture is great for the card, I can't decide!

Love these conversations, they are the cutest kids!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Love is adorable. I cannot believe we are all sick! I had the flu shot but I swear this was very flu like.. I almost fainted yesterday..which is crazy because I never get sick. The news this morning said ya'll (FL) might get some snow soon.. the storm is heading that way. I know hubby's parents in Houston got some snow last night.

With Love from New Orleans said...

I agree... number 5 is my fav.

Melissa said...

All of the pics are great!! But if I have to pic, I'd say 4 or 5!! Oh and your tree is beautiful!!

Shorty said...

What sweet words for Zman to share with you!!! I love little boys! My son says sweet things like that too sometimes. Regarding the pics, I like the third one down the best.

I hope you guys feel better soon. I know that's horrible when stuff just lingers. If you like sipping hot tea I would try that in the evenings..you can get a decaf variety, mix a bit of honey in...it makes me feel better most times.

Btrfli79 said...

I like the 3rd photo...I agree we do need to go grab a drink again soon! Hopefully we both won't still feel sick soon!

missy said...

#4....but #5 is to darn funny!!!
you have the cutest darn kids and they say the best things....hope you all feel better soon!!!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

well that's some GOOD "randomness"! :)

ANY of those pics would be GREAT... cute!

yall get to feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

Aww your kids are the cutest. I am the same way with my mom. Mom's are the best!!! Oh and Love totally reminds me of myself...I hate taking medication!

I almost left without telling you which pic I like....can't you send all of them? They're super cute! :)

Maki said...

Aww!!! I like the bottom photo for your Christmas card.

This bug is going around - Ju Ju was really sick for the past five days with fever and coughing until she gag:(

I hope you guys feel better... Stay warm (well we're in FL aren't we? LOL).


foodbankbarbie said...

I say all of them. Literally. And I think YOU are ahead of the game by doing the cards now. On my to do list I have a header of 'Christmas Card List' which is underlined. That's it.
Why is everyone in the US sick? Here in Ga. everyone has this crap too.

The Pink Potpourri said...

tough decision! but if i HAD to pick one, i'd pick the third one where zman has his hands on love's shoulders :)

i loved the bubble gum yum story!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like no. 5...

Leigh said...

Thank you Rachel!!
I love them all but narrowed down to #5.

They are so precious!

I hope you all feel better, I had that same cold last year, it lasted forever, so annoying.
My best

Hipmomofboyz said...

your not the only one that is late, I just picked up my pictures from Costco this morning...
I like the 3rd picture...

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

gorgeous photos

amy (metz) walker said...

Agreed...you can't go wrong. So sorry you've been sick! I've been a zombie! Hope you feel better!

Mrs. Nurse said...

I won't be in reader, but I'll still be a click away, haha!! Love your pictures. And thanks for the compliment!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hope you're all feeling better by now. I am almost fully recovered myself. I like #4 of the both of them. And do you know who anon is who asked you about your daughter's hair. I sure hope that was someone you know who is teasing with you :)