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Monday, November 17, 2008

Times Are Hard on the Boulevard

We are definately in hard times right now. ..and it sure is hard times. Don't you remember being a kid and not having to worry about money...just being a kid and having fun? Damn would I like those times again. Now we are adults and we worry about providing for us kids now and their future. I am sure each of our parents have experienced these hard times at least once in their lifetime and now we know the constant worry they must have felt.

I work in the New Home Construction industry and we are definately feeling it. I have survived several lay offs. I am just hoping and wanting to hold on until after the holidays.

How do you look at it? The glass half empty or the glass half full? I am the "half empty" girl. I do try to be positive but (like Dr. Phil says when you use the word BUT it means forget what I just said and what I am about to say is what I really mean) I always have the "worse case scenario" complex. You know the "well what if" and "what happens when" type of mentality.

My hubby on the other hand is the "half full" guy. He always remains positive and takes things as they come. Which he is always right in the sense when he tells me "why stress about it"..."stress isn't going to help you out so no sense in stressing about things you can't control". However a little Bacardi and Diet does help with the stress...or a glass of Red Wine.

And even Puff Daddy (aka P Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs) is feeling it too. I remember reading an article about a month or so ago about how he is not flying his private jet anymore due to the high gas prices so he opted to fly commerical and save the $100,000 or so that it took to fly between New York and LA. So I guess he was looking at it as the glass "half full" cause the man has options.
When will the madness end?


THE Stephanie said...

Girl I agree! This is so crazy! I just keep thinking about how my parents must have felt, or my grandparents, in times like this... We're not old enough to be dealing with this, are we?

Can't I go outside and play??? lol

Staci said...

I am a glass half full..i have to be honest...i dont know where it came from cause my parents sure werent...however when my hubby stesses....it doesnt matter how hard i try..my positivity floats right out the window....i feel ya right now...cause jay is freakin....he works for KB homes....

Lindsey said...

I agree! Nothing a little merlot can't fix! But seriously, I try to be a glass half full girl but when I watch the news I get stressed out!

Heather said...

I read that same article and decided to follow suit. I mean, I spend at least that much on my private jet. *giggle*

...love Maegan said...

I do happen to be a half full person but I don't think it makes a difference in these tough times. They are what they are. I hope you can keep your job...the stress of that is just horrendous. At this point, we don't have children to feed or else we would also be stressin' too.

Gwen said...

Okay ~ time for some fun!!! I tagged you. :)

April said...

I am def. the glass half full girl. My hubby is the opposite.

When I was little we were poor so I always worried about money. Now it's different.

We have credit cards.

LOL! jk

Solei said...

Oh man, do I ever know what you mean!!!
I'm tired of saying no to my kids!!!
Can I get this? Nope, no money
Can we go out? Nope, no money
This that??? Nope, no money

When Oh When will I be able to say yes again?!?!?!?!
Well, thanks for providing me space for a little rant, lol.

6HappyHearts said...

Hey girl thanks for stoppin by & leaving some comment love!!
Your blog is great! We moved from S.FL. about 4 yrs. ago. Oh how I miss the Palm Trees at Christmas : (
I will visit again!

missy said...

i am with you...i always say..but what if....i try to be half full but it doesn't always work out that way!!! hope everything works out for you with your job!!!! hang in there!!!

Lacey in the Sky said...

I LOVE that cartoon! Too funny!

Fifi Flowers said...

It would ened sooner if our media would talk about the glass half FULL!
Ooooh to be a kid with no worries... that sounds FAB!

Hipmomofboyz said...

I agree this economy is so scaring. I still don't understand what went wrong? I am a glass is 1/2 full, but right now I am stress over all of this....
I love the cartoon, they replaced the nanny with an unpaid intern......funny.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

It is such a scary time, expecially in the new home construction industry! I worked for a builder that is shutting its doors at the end of the month - we had 1200 employees a couple of years ago! Hard to believe.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to checking yours out, too!

Lump said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

I really REALLY try to look at the glass as half full, but sometimes I'm defeated.

Your Brutus is a CUTIE. I so want to kiss his face. Chunk and Chloe are both English Bulldogs, but for some odd reason Chloe looks like a Boxer. ;)

Shorty said...

I'm definitely a "half full" person. Gotta stay positive! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I am the 1/2 full kinda gal where my husband is the 1/2 empty, worrying type. I work for a surveyor and my husband and I have a grading business (he does the grunt work). I feel your pain. I'm ready for business to pick back up. Soon please.