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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Salad Addiction

I haven't met very many 3 year old kids who love salad as much as Love. If she happens to come down stairs while we are eating and there is salad or lettuce on a sandwich she proceeds to help her self

Love-Ummm whacha got


Love-Oh I wuv salad...can hab some?

And then that's it...it's now her salad.

If you have a sandwich or salad garnish on your plate she takes it...washing lettuce...she takes it and eats it plain...any type of lettuce, covered in any type of dressing with any type of toppings she will devour it...except olives...

Love-What's that...

Me-Olives...they are good

Love-Yuk I do not wike owives.


Weeksie50 said...

How funny! I don't know many 3 year olds that like salad either..

Heather said...

You are the luckiest mom in the world! If it's not a chicken nugget, my kids won't touch it.

Maki said...

Hello: Thank you so much for your wonderful, kind words. It touched my heart..

Maybe your little baby girl and my little baby girl can be best friends! Soapy LOVES salad! She eats it like ice cream or something sweet:) We're one lucky moms!!

Thanks for following me - Therefore I will follow you as well:D Also, I hope it's okay to link you on my blog. Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Cute! That's great that she loves salad, my daughter loves it too, but she's 10. When she was 3, she'd only eat salad if it was totally drenched in ranch dressing! :)
I'm with her though, I've never, ever liked olives. Yuk is right!

THE Stephanie said...

Maybe she's a rabbit? lol

That's so cute. My daughter loved salad when she was little - nowshe won't touch it - except tomatos. She can eat her weight in tomatos. And olives, but don't tell Love... lol

Joey said...

okay, i'm not sure why but i'm trying to leave you a comment but i won't go, so, sorry if this comes up like 5 times!

all I was saying is that, yeah, owives are gross! gotta agree wite Love on that one!

Lacey in the Sky said...

SO CUTE! "I wuv salad" hehehe...

Lacey in the Sky said...

Thanks for your sweet post :) Don't worry, I would never really go looking... i'm far too lazy for that!! haha.

Anonymous said...

OMG, too funny! My daughter LOVES salad too! Funny!

ShopDownLite.com said...

Really? Mine love anything not green - like cookies, cake and soda :-(